Muse To Release NFT Version Of Latest Album

According to NME, Muse is on the cusp of releasing their ninth album - Will Of The People - as an NFT.

BlastFM Limited Artist Spin Chart

Our artists spin chart displays how many times songs have been played

Register Or Transfer Your Domain Name With Us

Order your new domain name from us today and get it up and running in no time at all

Upload Your Music To Our Radio Stations

Music Submission Page Launched. Upload your music for licensed radio airplay using our automated music submission webpage.

BlastFM Limited Short Promotional Video

This is a short promotional video by BlastFM Limited to demonstrate some of the features that we make available to music artists

BlastFM Limited Radio Station Video Introduction

BlastFM Limited Radio Station Video Introduction by Bruce Jackson of JMediaFM

BlastFM Music Art API Launched

We are pleased to announce the release of our music artist image API. Our Music art website is now operational and is providing the images for all of our stream players and web pages that show images for the current playing songs.


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