The Most Notable Failed Comeback Albums In Music

Here are some albums that failed to do this, either by being billed as a comeback but being unsuccessful, or being an ill-fated attempt to update a sound and failing miserably.

Gangsta’s Paradise Rapper Found Dead

The music industry has been left shocked, after Gangsta’s Paradise rapper Coolio was found dead in Los Angeles at the age of 59.

UK Music Shows Signs Of Post-Pandemic Recovery

According to a new report the sector’s contribution to the economy increased by 26 per cent to £4 billion last year.

Outlandish Musical Promotional Tactics That Backfired

Here are some outlandish music promotion tactics that caused more harm than good.

Eliza Rose In Double Landmark Number One

To get a song to number one is an achievement for any artist, but for Eliza Rose, her success with BOTA (Baddest Of Them All) marks a double achievement.

Music Promotion Tactics That Went From Unique To Standard

Here are just a few examples of the earliest examples of music strategies that have since become the norm.

The Most Innovative Music Publicity Stunts

Here are some publicity stunts that were innovative and generated interest.


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