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Upload your music for licensed radio airplay using our automated music submission webpage.

Set the Artist name, Song title, Album name, ISRC code and image for your music and we will embed all of the information in an MP3 file for you automatically.

Select how long you would like your song to be played for and which internet radio stations you would like your song to play on and our automated music upload page will do the rest for you.

You can also select to have the meta data and image embedded in your MP3 file without requesting radio airplay.

In either case, we will send you a copy of your MP3 file which is named based on the information you submit to you by email.

Visit our automated music upload page at: https://submit.blastfm.net

You can see our list of radio stations and what is currently playing on each of them by visiting our List Of BlastFM Radio Stations

Our Spinchart shows you how many times songs have been played on one or more of our internet radio stations at https://spinchart.blastfm.limited. You can also search for an artist or song on our search page which is located at https://spinchart.blastfm.limited/search.php

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