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BlastFM Internet Radio Stations bring you the quality and reliability you need for your radio station.

Every customer who has a radio station with us has their own server. Unlike other companies, we do not share servers for radio stations. We will usually register a domain name for your new radio station so that the domain name matches your radio station familiar name. If your radio station was called 'Classic Sounds' for example, we would try to get hold of or .net or whatever is available and best suits your radio station branding.

Because your radio station is hosted on it's own server you will get full use of all of the resources available, typically, our radio stations start out with 1gb memory and 25Gb of hard drive space, which enough to upload a large library of mp3 songs, around 2,000 usually but this depends on the length of the songs, and the radio software is pre-installed for you, just buy it and we will get it ready for you to login and start uploading your library and schedule your shows, you will be able to schedule a 27/7 radio station.

You can order a radio station by clicking: Order A BlastFM Internet Radio Station

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