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If you would like to make your music available for purchase/download on our Music Sales website please be aware that there is a small fee involved in the initial setup and upload. It takes us a lot of time to process the music files and make sure that they meet our high quality requirements. The process we go through includes the following:

Music Quality Checks

We check your music files to make sure they are of suitable quality for digital download. This may include re-encoding them if necessary. We also make sure that the meta data in the music files is all present and correct, we want to show information about the song in players when the music is played which may include images, artist information, ISRC codes, copyright etc. Once we have all the information in place we will create the music file if needed or re-write any data that is missing or incorrect. We work closely with the artist(s) at this point to make sure everything is as good as possible before upload.

Music File Information

We will probably need quite a lot of information, if it is not already provided or present in the submitted music files. This will include information about the artist/song(s), images, ISRC codes, copyright etc. and so we will need to communicate with you while we are carrying out these tasks and ask that you make sure we have a valid email address where we can contact you and request further information if required by us. In a lot of cases the music files have been prefessionally prepared and we will need to do very little or nothing to them to prepare them for sale on our website(s).


The cost involved to prepare and submit music for sale on our website(s) is currently: $20.00 setup fee and $2.00 per song. We feel that this is competetive pricing and having read all of the above you will hopefully understand why we have to do this to cover time spent by staff during file preparation.


You can order a digital upload to get your music on sale on our website(s) by clicking here: Order A Digital Upload and get your music on sale fast!

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