Tributes Paid To Groundbreaker Terry Hall

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Music promotion companies are always looking for something original, but few many make as much of a mark as the pioneering multi-racial bands Terry Hall, who has died aged 63, was part of.
Tributes have been paid to the former Specials and Fun Boy Three singer Terry Hall, who has *died after a short illness at the age of 63.

The singer was part of The Specials, a band that emerged in Coventry in the 1970s and was distinctive for their pioneering multi-racial composition, something nobody thinks twice about now but a big issue in some quarters at the time. Thus it was that the band had frequent run-ins with extremists like the National Front.

Born in Coventry, Hall had a difficult childhood marred by an incident of sexual abuse during a trip to France followed by an addiction to valium, lifelong depression and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. However, after seeing the Sex Pistols perform in Coventry in 1976, Hall set out to become a singer and he fund his place as part of a group from very diverse social and racial backgrounds.

Nowadays a group like The Specials might benefit from having *music promotion companies to support them. Back then they were fortunately aided by Pete Waterman, then a local DJ in Coventry, recording their first demos and the subsequent promotion by John Peel on Radio 1. Their place in the vanguard of the two-tone and ska scenes made them true groundbreakers in British music.

Tweeting about the band as he paid tribute to Hall, singer-songwriter *Billy Bragg said: “The Specials were a celebration of how British culture was envigorated (sic) by Caribbean immigration,” adding that Hall’s often grim onstage manner “was a reminder that they were in the serious business of challenging our perception of who we were in the late 1970s”.

In 1981 the band split, with Hall joining two other members if the group to form Fun Boy Three. The group was together until 1983, with their music including hits such as Well Fancy That, Farmyard Connection and *Our Lips Are Sealed.



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