Eurovision Hopefuls Start To Emerge

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There are many ways to promote music, but could entering the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest be the best route to success for one of this year’s entrants?
There are many ways to *promote music, but some can seem more high-risk than others. That appears to be particularly so for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In recent years, a number of British acts have entered and flopped horribly, with James Newman becoming the fifth UK act in Eurovision history to score the dreaded ‘nul points’ two years ago. Fortunately, he already had a successful career CV as a songwriter, including a Brit Award for Waiting All Night (performed by Rudimental and Ella Eyre in 2014).

Equally, other ill-fated entrants since Britain’s last win in 1997 have included successful veterans at the end of their careers like Engelbert Humperdinck (2012) and Bonnie Tyler (2013). But the less said about Scooch in 2007 the better. Last year’s runner up Sam Ryder had a strong established online following, and he looks set to be a long-term beneficiary of his success.

All this may be relevant as acts from overseas are starting to emerge. While Britain’s entrant is still awaited, we now know that *Reiley will represent Denmark and Let 3 will sing for Croatia. These are not superstar performers at this stage. The question is whether taking part in the contest will be an important step up towards such a career.

When it comes to Eurovision, the benchmark for all rising acts is ABBA. Their victory in 1974 with Waterloo undoubtedly helped propel them on their way to the very top.

However, it is worth noting two things. Firstly, they had to be persistent just to get into Eurovision, *having tried and failed to win Sweden’s competition to find their 1973 entrant with ‘Ring, Ring’, so it is important to note that persistence may be required even for the best. Secondly, so great was ABBA’s subsequent success that, inevitably, other Eurovision winners could not come close.

Of recent winners, 2021 victors Maneskin have been among the most successful. Their surge to global stardom led to *a huge global tour, including venues like London’s O2 Arena. It remains to be seen who the next big act to take this route to fame will be.



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