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Our Tweetcast automated service provides a front end for users to see what is playing on a particular radio station as well as providing automated submission support for Twitter, Facebook,,

Each of our radio stations submits each Artist - Title, (and other parameters if they are required) as it is played to combinations or all of these services automatically.

Tweetcast also maintains database records, formatted exactly for license reporting so that we can generate and submit our monthly reports for all of our stations.

Each of our radio station domains will have a tweetcast subdomain: for example which provides information about the currently playing song as well as images for each song, provided by our BlastFM Music Art API.

Tweetcast is an optional addition to our radio stations. You can purchase it as a radio station add-on at: at a cost of just $10.00 per month. It is not avilable as a stand alone product, a BlastFM Internet Radio station is required to use this service.
If you are not signed up and logged into our billing website, please follow the link and sign in, then revisit the link and you will be directed to the correct page for purchase.

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