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  • If you would like to submit your music to us for radio airplay, please complete the form located at and complete all required fields.

    Once complete, our automated music upload system will generate an MP3 file and an artwork image for your uploaded songs.

    You can select which radio stations you would like your music played on during the selection process.

    All marked fields on the form must be completed. We require this information for the MP3 file. We will insert all of the information you provide into the relevant meta tags of the MP3 file that is produced and also embed the image that you provide.

    This service does require a payment. You can either put your music in radio station rotation for one month only if you want to.

    A service charge is required to complete the first order. This charge allows us to spend time making sure that all of the information is entered correctly and the image is inserted properly and that the MP3 is normalized in the correct way to reduce the chances of distortion when the music is played on one of our radio stations.

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